About Us

Today's business climate needs an organization that can retain a higher emphasis on core business strategy while preserving process efficiency and offering an amazing customer experience. Following that trend, if your company is looking for a professional BPO service provider, then Dignity Consultancy Services Private Limited should be the one you may choose.
Since 12th October 2022, our firm has been offering a wide variety of BPO services to a wide range of industrial domains, including

• Retail
• Ecommerce
• Telecom
• Healthcare
• Finance
• Travel industries.

We help businesses change and flourish in an ever-changing technological environment by providing long-term solutions and strategies based on deep subject expertise. Our choices, work patterns, and tactics are all customer-centric, making us the ideal business process outsourcing firm to undertake and finish all of your business process outsourcing tasks on time and within your budget.

Our Services –

• BPO Service - For BPO services, we rely on cutting-edge technology and highly qualified personnel to manage both outbound and inbound operations. Customer service, inbound chat, email, technical support, driving sales, informational telemarketing, lead generation, and sales outsourcing are all part of our BPO Services, and they all help you reduce back-office administrative operations while enhancing productivity and efficiency. • E-Commerce Outsourcing Services- Our eCommerce support services help your eCommerce company increase eCommerce productivity while expanding consumer engagement across many countries. Our E-Commerce Call Center Services includes customer Service (inbound and outbound), Technical Support Service, and Help Desk Services (chat and e-mail). • Medical Billing Outsourcing Services – Our Medical Billing Outsourcing Services offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services to doctors, billing firms, healthcare organizations, and insurance companies all over the world. We are committed to making medical billing services more optimized, efficient, and cost-effective by employing a skilled workforce. • Data Entry Services - Our loyal clients may benefit from our low-cost customized and highly trustworthy data input solutions. We have a team of professionals who provide data entry services to customers in several sectors including retail, telecom, healthcare, travel, etc. We use the latest technological tools available in today's market to provide you with error-free, on-time data entry services. • Lead Generation Services - We concentrate on increasing ROI by delivering lead-generation services that fuel sales for organizations of all sizes. We can assist you in developing leads by researching your database, analyzing lost customer lists, obtaining prospect lists, and more. Our lead creation solution caters to new sales, upselling, list development, and cross-selling requirements.

Our Work Process

• Choose A Service – To begin, select your preferred service from the service portal based on your company requirements. • Request A Meeting – Following your selection, please contact us to schedule an appointment with our business analysis team to discuss your plans and objectives. • Receive Custom Plan – After noting down all of the data about your business goal and requirements, our professional business analyst will provide a tailored approach to help you achieve your goal within a reasonable timeframe. • Let’s Make It Happen – Following the signing of a business agreement, we will start implementing all initiatives by cooperating with cutting-edge technology to help your business expand positively.

Our Vision & Mission

We want to become the most competent and trustworthy consultancy firm for any type and size of organization's BPO service requirements. We want to be a one-stop destination for all of our clients' BPO needs across the globe.

Our Corporate Values

• Respect - Every customer we interact with is essential to us, regardless of the size or type of organization, and we always respect them. • Leadership - We are always striving to be a leader in the field of innovation. • Professionalism - Throughout your interaction with us, you will be treated with the utmost professionalism. • Teamwork - Our strong teamwork can build, evaluate, and determine the best solution that may successfully solve issues and reduce the likelihood of the issue returning in the future. • Morality - We do business with integrity and adhere to professional ethics. • Reliability - We are always accountable and responsible after committing to an assignment. • Quality- To ensure unparalleled quality production, we maintain a no-compromise approach. • Confidentiality- All of your sensitive data is kept secure by employing tried-and-true methods. • Passion – We appreciate our job and are passionate about it.

Who We Are


Aman Jaiswal

Aman is having 5 years of experience and currently working as director in DIGNITY CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD.He heads business operation for the sales.He has been associated with the organisation since the beginning and handle various other profiles and lead the team with this wealth of experience in sales, operations and HR.He believes in capability of building and leads the team accordingly to make them ready for new challenges


Tanvir Hussain

With an experience of over 4 years in managing comprehensive HR responsibilities including talent acquisition, Ex ceo of ltw technology, process improvements and employee development. He is currently working as director of Dignity Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. And managing all the stuffs regarding project work. He earned his B. Com from Calcutta University . He has been working closely with global companies for fulfilling International Tenders.


Heena Khan

Heena is an accomplished telesales and BPO consultant with over 5 years of experience in the telecom,travel, customer support and ecommerce.She is currently director of DIGNITY CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD.She is been a pillar in developing DIGNITY CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD. since the beginning,She earned her masters in commerce from VIDYASAGAR UNIVERSITY.