Our Services

Dignity consultancy services private limited is a trusted BPO service provider that offers the most efficient and cost-effective services around the world. Our leading-edge infrastructure, professional customer care employees, and cutting-edge software solutions enable us to provide great services 24*7. We are committed to offering on-time, error-free Back-office business solutions to ensure our clients' business growth.
Our offerings are listed below –


Inbound Customer Care Support

Being a highly skilled inbound customer care service provider, we continually focus on providing exceptional services to clients to maintain long-term relationships with them always. We respect the uniqueness of each business and offer customized services to match your needs.
The advantages of outsourcing our inbound customer support services are outlined below:

  • Our specialist not only resolves the customer’s present issue but also anticipates the following one which helps to lower customer calls back.
  • We offer entirely customized services to match your specifications.
  • We record all calls and offer real-time reporting accordingly


Outbound Call Center Services

Dignity consultancy services private limited provides a comprehensive range of outbound solutions and services that will not only help you meet all of your outbound client service demands to fulfill your expectations but will also help you achieve the best possible outcomes at the most affordable price.
The advantages of using our Outbound Call Center services are outlined below:

  • We help our client lower their expenses and make a positive influence on your budget.
  • We maintain complete transparency because all of our calls are recorded and can be audited at any time according to the client’s requirements.
  • Utilized cutting-edge infrastructure and technologies to offer quick and effective service.
  • We can manage a high volume of calls.
  • Our comprehensive BPO services help to reduce hiring and training expenditures.
  • If required, we can do the warm transfer of your leads to your sales staff for immediate action.
  • Industry knowledge - hospitality, telecoms, insurance, travel, etc.


Web-Enabled Services

As a leading BPO service provider in India, we also offer low-cost web-enabled services without compromising work quality. Our web-enabled services include

  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Our Live Chat Support services provide the following benefits -
  • Immediate Customer Service
  • Increase revenue by converting website traffic into prospects.
  • Gather real-time information on your website's usage and performance.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Support on Demand
  • Safe and efficient
  • Reduce your phone expense by diverting toll-free calls to chat support.
  • Please check the benefits of our email support services –
  • Technical and non-technical assistance
  • 100% Data security
  • Following the TAT set by clients, the reply offers to all e-mails
  • Saves time and money for your company and your clients.


Medical Billing Outsourcing Service

We provide end-to-end medical billing services to individual physicians, small to big clinics, and hospitals, assisting them to maximize revenue and enhance operational activities. This service has included insurance verification, patient appointment scheduling, and registration, medical coding, claims settlement, and other requirements.
The benefits of our medical billing services are mentioned below –

  • Reduce your administrative workload so you may devote more time to your patients.
  • Communicate more regularly with your patients and provide new levels of convenience.
  • Increase your effectiveness by working quicker and more accurately.
  • Offers monthly reports


E-Commerce Outsourcing Service

Our trained professionals can multitask and free up valuable time for you and your team since they have hands-on knowledge of the newest tools and technologies involved in online shop administration. With our virtual assistants on your side, you can not only focus more on your core business but also save time and money.
The benefits of our e-commerce outsourcing service are mentioned below –

  • 24X7 support available
  • Manage customer feedback effectively and efficiently
  • Industry-focused services

As a startup BPO service provider, we have only employed people that can easily manage all of the complexity of the industries we serve. Furthermore, we are constantly monitoring calls, chat, and e-mail to ensure that our expert team is responding to any client complaints following the SOP. We also enable you to track the performance of each agent and design scalable solutions for the future by utilizing professional tools and significant data analysis.
Please contact us with your business needs and allow us to show you how an innovative and customized solution may help you take the next step in your company's success!


Data Entry Services

Our loyal clients may benefit from our low-cost customized and highly trustworthy data input solutions. We have a team of professionals who provide data entry services to customers in several sectors including retail, telecom, healthcare, travel, etc. We use the latest technological tools available in today's market to provide you with error-free, on-time data entry services.


Lead Generation Services

We concentrate on increasing ROI by delivering lead-generation services that fuel sales for organizations of all sizes. We can assist you in developing leads by researching your database, analyzing lost customer lists, obtaining prospect lists, and more. Our lead creation solution caters to new sales, upselling, list development, and cross-selling requirements.